GOTW#2 Night Festival Lates

On Friday August 19 and Saturday August 20, GOTW#2 co-incided with the 2016 Night Festival and with related events held in the  Objectifs courtyard. The exhibition remained open late on both nights and attracted huge crowds.

Alexandra Serrenti captured these audience responses.

_DSC0509_DSC0506_DSC0496.JPG_DSC0501_DSC0492_DSC0490_DSC0488_DSC0485_DSC0483_DSC0482_DSC0480_DSC0479_DSC0475_DSC0467_DSC0450_DSC0448_DSC0444_DSC0435_DSC0429_DSC0427_DSC0423_DSC0419_DSC0417_DSC0415_DSC0411_DSC0404_DSC0400_DSC0392_DSC0390_DSC0375Images: copyright Alexandra Serrenti.

GOTW#2 Close-ups

IMG_3431 Sarah ChooIMG_3429 Sarah ChooIMG_3427Sarah ChooIMG_3412Zai TangIMG_3411Manu Luksch & Mukul PatelIMG_3400Camilla Greenwell, Joo Choon LinIMG_3398Joo Choon LinIMG_3394Debbie DingIMG_3392Camilla GreenwellIMG_3344Min-Wei TingIMG_3340Min-Wei TingIMG_3330Emma CharlesIMG_3326Emma CharlesIMG_3315Debbie DingIMG_3312Anne Robinson (with Rachel Gomme)IMG_3311Lynn Lu & Tania De RozarioIMG_3309Andy LaceyIMG_3305Daniel KokIMG_3303Daniel KokIMG_3444Joo Choon LinIMG_3435Suzanne de EmmonyIMG_3297Joo Choon LinIMG_3281Shubigi RaoIMG_3273Emma TalbotIMG_3272Emma TalbotIMG_3270Lynn Lu and Tania De Rozario

IMG_3403Shubigi Rao

IMG_3423Gavin Maughfling, Andy Lacey

GOTW#2 Opening Night Shots (2)

IMG_3051IMG_3050IMG_3031IMG_2806IMG_2787IMG_2765IMG_2759IMG_2746IMG_2612IMG_2798IMG_2795IMG_2761IMG_2750IMG_2653Photographs copyright DEMprojects

GOTW#2 Opening Night Shots (1)

WP_20160818_20_19_16_ProIMG_1179IMG_1174DSC_0041DSC_0020DSC_0019 croDSC_0006DSC_0005_DSC0334 cro_DSC0297 cro_DSC0287 cro_DSC0282_DSC0273_DSC0272_DSC0271Photographs copyright: Alexandra Serrenti & DEMprojects

Ghost on the Wire #2

 Image: Anne Robinson
Eighteen artists from Singapore and the United Kingdom will be shown at Ghost on the Wire #2, curated by UK-based curatorial partnership, DEM Projects (Gavin Maughfling and Suzanne De Emmony). The show runs from 18 August to 4 September 2016 at the Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film in Singapore. It builds on DEM Projects’ earlier successful exhibition at the Bermondsey Project Space in London in 2014, and introduces many of the works first seen in London to Singapore, alongside new works created especially for the Singapore show, as well as pieces by artists not previously shown in Bermondsey.