GOTW#2 Night Festival Lates

On Friday August 19 and Saturday August 20, GOTW#2 co-incided with the 2016 Night Festival and with related events held in theĀ  Objectifs courtyard. The exhibition remained open late on both nights and attracted huge crowds.

Alexandra Serrenti captured these audience responses.

_DSC0509_DSC0506_DSC0496.JPG_DSC0501_DSC0492_DSC0490_DSC0488_DSC0485_DSC0483_DSC0482_DSC0480_DSC0479_DSC0475_DSC0467_DSC0450_DSC0448_DSC0444_DSC0435_DSC0429_DSC0427_DSC0423_DSC0419_DSC0417_DSC0415_DSC0411_DSC0404_DSC0400_DSC0392_DSC0390_DSC0375Images: copyright Alexandra Serrenti.

GOTW#2 Opening Night Shots (2)

IMG_3051IMG_3050IMG_3031IMG_2806IMG_2787IMG_2765IMG_2759IMG_2746IMG_2612IMG_2798IMG_2795IMG_2761IMG_2750IMG_2653Photographs copyright DEMprojects

GOTW#2 Opening Night Shots (1)

WP_20160818_20_19_16_ProIMG_1179IMG_1174DSC_0041DSC_0020DSC_0019 croDSC_0006DSC_0005_DSC0334 cro_DSC0297 cro_DSC0287 cro_DSC0282_DSC0273_DSC0272_DSC0271Photographs copyright: Alexandra Serrenti & DEMprojects

Ghost on the Wire Catalogue now online


You can now browse the Ghost on the Wire catalogue online, including essays and artist images and statements by clicking on the link below:

Ghost on the Wire Bermondsey Launch – not long now!

ImageIt’s not long to go now! – another ten days. It feels very exciting, and very good. We have finalised the installation plans at Bermondsey Project. It’s been great to meet the artists in the space and to fine-tune with them how best to present their work; Suzanne and I have learned a lot about the intricate logistics of how to create the right circumstances for a dance performance to be woven into into an Opening Night, and how to work happily with silkworms. This is the best part, and makes all the graft worthwhile – talking with other artists, planning a show that the public will find exciting and thought-provoking all at the same time.

The work has begun to arrive; films are being transferred, art has been shipped, equipment ordered, and as I write at least one of the SingaporeanĀ  artists, Tania De Rozario is in the skies, flying West. She is hosting Broken Telephone on Saturday June 15, as well as co-installing a piece for the show with UK-based artist Lynn Lu.

ImageWe’ve also taken delivery of the exhibition catalogues, which include, in a great layout by Elizabeth Gan, images and texts by all the 22 artists in the show as well as an introduction, and a wonderful essay by Singapore-Melbourne writer and philosopher Alexandra Serrenti.


So – we hope you can join us on the 12th, or on any of the show days after that, and we know that we will be presenting an intriguing and unique experience, one that brings together many different art forms and sensibilities from across 7,000 miles.

Suzanne de Emmony and Gavin Maughfling, Co-curators, Ghost on the Wire