not present, but net-present

How do we use new innovations to communicate across distances of time and space? Humans have always found ways to use, adapt and subvert new technologies to our own ends..

We can expand our social networks through different social media, and swim in wider waters than those we experience in everyday life, finding ourselves offered new levels of anonymity, informality and undreamt-of opportunities for experimentation and stimulus.

One question: how much do we shape these technologies, and how much do they shape us? Are they a mirror of our existing desires, or do we find ourselves changed by them? Technologies can fail, or let us down or mislead us. Gaps open up, the line fails, or we hear our own voice echoing back at us. Are there ghosts on the wire, and if there are, how can we see them?

This project brings together an exciting line-up of artists from the United Kingdom, Singapore and beyond, including filmmakers, painters, photographers, installation artists, choreographers and more. They have all been invited to respond to the theme in open, personal and imaginative ways. Some will be making individual contributions, while others will work in collaboration across disciplines and continents. The project will launch with an exhibition at the Bermondsey Project Space (pictured below) in June 2014, with a programme of live events held over a long weekend; this will be followed by a subsequent exhibition in Singapore.

Ghost on the Wire is curated by Gavin Maughfling and Suzanne de Emmony with assistance from Elizabeth Gan.

Contact: wireghosts [at] gmail [dot] com

Bermondsey Space 2

               Bermondsey Space


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