Newly exhibiting (1): Emma Talbot

We’re really happy to be presenting (at ‘Ghost on the Wire#2 at Objectifs, Singapore, August 18- Sep 4 2016) a major work by Emma Talbot, who is showing with us for the first time. Emma’s piece, a large painting on fringed silk, explores Entrances and Exits, and the thresholds of coming and going, waking and sleeping. As with much of her work, the content is presented as a series of scenes, rather like  a kitchen-sink drama, and has an interplay between image and text.

Emma has shown internationally, and is represented by Domobaal, London and Petra Rinck Galerie, Dusseldorf. Her work is included in ‘Drawing People’ and ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’ (both pub. Thames and Hudson). Earlier this year she exhibited ‘Unravel these Knots’  at the Freud Museum, London, and was shortlisted for the John Moores Painting Prize.

g-o-wire-emma-talbot-entrances-and-exits-acrylic-on-silk-2016-adjusted-domo copy 3



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