Bodies That Matter at ArtLacuna

Installation for Bodies That Matter
Suzanne De Emmony
‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ (2014)
” Looking in & back as Kraken-like the abject emerges, tenderly caressing the rhythms of an unknowing display… Limbs intertwine as past and near future play and tease, until at last the gaze dictates and climacteric slow dance self-censors and muffles the song … ”
Private View – Thursday 22nd May 6-9pm
23rd – 25rd May 12-5pm
Fast and Furious and Crit – Saturday 24th May 3-5pm
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Sarah Choo nominated for Sovereign Art Prize 2014



We are very pleased to announce that Ghost on the Wire artist Sarah Choo has been nominated for the Sovereign Art Prize 2014. Works can be seen at


Between Us will be exhibited at The Rotunda, Exchange Square in Hong Kong from 28th April to 8th May 2014 with the Auction taking place on 9th May 2014. The  work, which was nominated by curator Isabel Ching, is part of a larger series comprising of 7 pieces. Between Us explores the topic of isolation forced upon us by our jobs. Seven professionals – a doctor, a lawyer, a mechanic, a clerk, a hawker, a teacher and a shopkeeper – are pictured busy in their work environments. In a slow fade, the environment disappears and they are left in a forbidding, grey, concrete space.

The full series can be seen at

A sample of how the video can be found at