Helen Benigson: Late Night Supermarket Shopping Live, London May -June 2014

Ghost on the Wire artist Helen Benigson is showing at TENDERPIXEL …..




9 May to 7 June

For the exhibition Late Night Supermarket Shopping Live, Helen Benigson will create an awkward and pulsating space, filled with performance, video and printed image. This solo presentation will exploit and blow up the facades of digital culture and the language of online gaming and animation through the space of the supermarket as disclosed through every-day performance.

Helen Benigson (b.1985, lives and works in London) is an artist and rapper. Benigson creates immersive video and sound environments, which become layered sets for scripted and choreographed performances using a cast of female performers and volunteers. Often her videos and performances use her own body and persona as the protagonist, or actors and dancers who become stand-in “Helens”, as well as sets and props, creating frenzied, schizophrenic performances, referencing pop culture, contemporary game playing and animation. These are played out in messy, often awkward, digital carnivals, which repetitively enact the blurred boundaries between performer, producer and spectator, intrinsic to on-line video sharing.
Helen Carmel Benigson has had recent exhibitions at Tate Modern, London, Performa.13, New York, Site Gallery, Sheffield and Kunst Museum, Bonn. In August 2014, Helen Carmel Benigson will have a solo presentation at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

10 Cecil Court

London WC2N 4HE




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