Art Lacuna Presents … ‘Bodies That Matter’, Thursday May 22, Art Lacuna, London

Artists and Co-curator of Ghost on the Wire Suzanne De Emmony is one of the participating artists in the forthcoming ‘Bodies That Matter’ at Art Lacuna, London.


 Private View – Thursday 22nd May 6-9pm

23rd – 25th May, 12-5pm

Fast & Furious presentations and Crit – Saturday 24th May 3-5pm
In September 2013, ArtLacuna brought together a group of artists at Space Station Sixty Five under the heading Bodies That Matter.
During the install and crit the artists were asked the degree to which they take on pre-prescribed roles and identities within their practices. The curators were not prescriptive about content… etc, but what was interesting was that throughout the day, common threads, themes etc kept emerging. What appeared to be a disparate group of artists with different agendas and (practices), turned out to have a lot in common both aesthetically and politically.

And so a conversation began.

And carried on.

And on.

Bodies That Matter Part 2 is the culmination (maybe) of that conversation. The three main themes to emerge concerned; language, consumption and performativity, and we now ask the artists to respond to these statements:
Language: Our presentation of self is sited in language and this language determines how our thoughts and experiences are shaped.
Consumption: Does the body consume its surroundings to a point where we are devouring and excreting our own identities, (albeit identities that are performed).
Performativity: The authenticity of the self is performative, that is to say, it’s truth exists only to the degree that it is performed. Identity is formed through action in, and reaction to, the world around it.

Join the conversation and come and see what happened.
Alex March | Jane Harris | Chris Cawkwell | Amelia Critchlow | Sasha Bowles | Mindy Lee | Trish Scott | Suzanne de Emmony | Rebecca James | Holly Stevenson | James Petrucci | Bethe Bronson | Catherine Linton

48 Falcon Road, London SW11 2LR




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