Manu Luksch showing at Fields, Riga, May 15- August 3

Ghost on the Wire artist Manu Luksch will be showing ‘Kayak Libre’ at the exhibition ‘FIELDS” in Riga, as part of the European Capital of Culture 2014 programme.
ImageFIELDS, Arsenals Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art
Part of Riga European Capital of Culture 2014!
May 15  – August 3, 2014
Fields – patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations.

The changing role of art in society is one where it does not just create a new aesthetics but gets involved in patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations. Fields, jointly curated by Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Armin Medosch, presents an inquiry into patterns of renewal and transition. The curators asked which expanded fields of artistic practice offer new ideas for overcoming the crisis of the present and developing new models of a more sustainable and imaginative way of life.

Fields presents a lively landscape of art that challenges existing viewpoints and deconstructs social issues, but also proposes positive visions for the future. A premise behind this project was from the very start that no single field and associated label can do justice any more to the diversity of contemporary art practices. Typically, today, the most interesting practices are transdisciplinary and transformative – they rely on new combinations of existing fields-as-in-disciplines, combining the artistic with the social and the natural, the scientific and the emotional, the sensible with the actual.

Manu Luksch participates in FIELDS with Kayak Libre,  a temporary experimental infrastructure in the form of a kayak taxi service along the waterways. The fare was a conversation: visions for utilising the rare slice of public space that the waterways provide, and possible futures of mobility. As an artistic vehicle,  Kayak Libre explores ideas of progress and belonging. Specifically, it examines an idea of progress rooted in speed, efficiency and connectivity, and how it relates to human desires for autonomy, mobility and community. It is a slow, contemplative vehicle that allows close observation of and connection with the rapidly changing physical environment of the area.

Artists – Manu Luksch, Oliver Ressler, Shu Lea Cheang, Lisa Jevbratt, Superflex, Gints Gabrans, Marko Peljhan, Cecile Babiole, Voldemars Johansons, Erich Berger, Martins Ratniks, Hayley Newman, Annemie Maes, YoHa, Martin Howse, Franz Xaver, and many more.


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