Tania De Rozario with Loo Zihan, the Substation, Singapore



A joint exhibiiton by Tania De Rozario and Loo Zihan

Substation Gallery, Singapore

Opening : March 6 2014 at 7.30

Exhibition: March 7 – March 16.

Names, Texts & Trouble is a work-in-progress exhibition featuring projects by Loo Zihan and Tania De Rozario, executed as part of The Substation’s Associate Artist Research Programme.

De Rozario’s project, “Making Trouble”, aims to articulate and document ongoing relationships between visual art and activist intent in post-2000 Singapore.

Loo’s project, “Education & Emancipation”, is the second phase of a two-year research that delves into the periphery events surrounding the Artists’ General Assembly, a week long multi-disciplinary arts event that took place at 5th Passage Contemporary Art Space, Parkway Parade in 1993.

The Substation’s Associate Artist Research Programme (AARP) is a two-year residency programme that aims to support and promote critical research, development and discourse in contemporary art and interdisciplinary practice in Singapore. Throughout the two-year residency, each artist will present performance-lectures, workshops, exhibitions and performances during different stages of their project.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1407333376188622/?source=22



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