Daniel Kok at Tanzhaus Zurich, Saturday March 8



Daniel Kok

Cheerleader of Europe

Europeans have become impatient and skeptical about the European Project. With no decisive economic recovery in sight – but widespread unemployment, austerity measures and increased immigration fears – the spectre of crisis has cast a long shadow across the continent.
But one artist, resolute in his beliefs in the constitution of Europe, wishes to marshal the community towards a sense of unity. Who better to play the Cheerleader of Europe than the neutral Asian? Hailing from the economic miracle city-state of Singapore, he is Left and Right, East and West, In and Out and shake it all about. The performance promises a utopic finale, complete with confetti. Everyone must be happy in the end.

Choreography/Performance: Daniel Kok | Dramaturge: Jorge Gonçalves | Text: Daniel Kok, Sergiu Matis | Producer: Fukuen Tang | Supported by: APASS, Nadine, Workspace Brussels, PACT Zollverein Essen | Special Thanks to:
Peter Stamer, Pierre Rubio, Jan Bolomey




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