59 – 63 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7PF

Private View: 3rd April


VITAL EXCESS features new works by Michael Evans and Ghost on the Wire Artist Anne Robinson, both engaged with questions of consciousness, affect and temporality and working between painting and the moving image. Their works collide here on shifting boundaries of digital/analogue, figural/abstract and practice/theory….away from the monotonous tick of capital, our sensory perceptions of time, are vertiginous and uncanny … now and then, inside and out … we feel time differently.

Anne Robinson’s multi-disciplinary practice is concerned with the perception and politics of time, working experimentally with duration, frame, exposure, paint surface and performance. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and curating work includes Time, Flesh and Nerve and One More Time.

Michael Evans’ work explores perceptions of time, space and the shifting sense of self, encountered when contemporary abstract painting enters into dialogue with digital imaging. He has shown in the UK and internationally and publications include: Out of Nothing: Painting and Spirituality.

Evans and Robinson both completed Practice-led PhDs at CASS.

The exhibition is curated by the artist Judith Tucker. It is open from 4th-13th April, 12noon -6.00pm except Sunday in the Bank Gallery at Cass and there will be an artists’ talk on Friday 4th, at 1.00pm with curator Judith Tucker.



Zai Tang and Simon Ball, UCL urbanlab, Hackney Wick, March 20

On Thursday March 20 at 7.30 PM

Zai Tang and Simon Ball will be showing

Flickering Shard @‘DEMOLITION dream & destruction’ (UCL Urban Lab)


As part of the final event of Urban Lab Films DEMOLITION season, ‘Dream and Destruction’, Zai Tang and Simon Ball will be screening their latest collaboration, Flickering Shard (2014). The programme also includes Demolishing and Building up the Star Theatre (1901) by Frederick S. Armitage, the Lumiere Brothers’ Demolition d’un Mur (1896), Nathan Eddy’s The Absent Column (2013), Dan Edelstyn’s Breaking It Big in Burnley (2013) and an episode of the Channel 4 series Demolition (2005).

Come join us 7pm on Thursday 20th March at the White Building in Hackney Wick – entry is free.

Flickering Shard @ ‘DEMOLITION dream & destruction’ (UCL Urban Lab)


Debbie Ding at Singapore Art Museum



Ghost artist Debbie Ding, currently at the Royal College of Art London, is showing as part of Singapore Art Museum’s new exhibition, ‘Unearthed’.

Image“Here the River Lies” and other archives from the Singapore Psychogeographical Society will be in the exhibition at SAM, opening on 20 March 2014 at 6.30pm.

The Singapore River as a Psychogeographical Faultline” was first made possible by The Substation through their Visual Arts Open Call in 2010, and this is the second time it will have enough space to be exhibited in the same way – and open to collect new stories (real or imaginary) of the Singapore River.

The show features 27 artists and runs until July 6.


Manu Luksch showing at Fields, Riga, May 15- August 3

Ghost on the Wire artist Manu Luksch will be showing ‘Kayak Libre’ at the exhibition ‘FIELDS” in Riga, as part of the European Capital of Culture 2014 programme.
ImageFIELDS, Arsenals Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art
Part of Riga European Capital of Culture 2014!
May 15  – August 3, 2014
Fields – patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations.

The changing role of art in society is one where it does not just create a new aesthetics but gets involved in patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations. Fields, jointly curated by Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Armin Medosch, presents an inquiry into patterns of renewal and transition. The curators asked which expanded fields of artistic practice offer new ideas for overcoming the crisis of the present and developing new models of a more sustainable and imaginative way of life.

Fields presents a lively landscape of art that challenges existing viewpoints and deconstructs social issues, but also proposes positive visions for the future. A premise behind this project was from the very start that no single field and associated label can do justice any more to the diversity of contemporary art practices. Typically, today, the most interesting practices are transdisciplinary and transformative – they rely on new combinations of existing fields-as-in-disciplines, combining the artistic with the social and the natural, the scientific and the emotional, the sensible with the actual.

Manu Luksch participates in FIELDS with Kayak Libre,  a temporary experimental infrastructure in the form of a kayak taxi service along the waterways. The fare was a conversation: visions for utilising the rare slice of public space that the waterways provide, and possible futures of mobility. As an artistic vehicle,  Kayak Libre explores ideas of progress and belonging. Specifically, it examines an idea of progress rooted in speed, efficiency and connectivity, and how it relates to human desires for autonomy, mobility and community. It is a slow, contemplative vehicle that allows close observation of and connection with the rapidly changing physical environment of the area.

Artists – Manu Luksch, Oliver Ressler, Shu Lea Cheang, Lisa Jevbratt, Superflex, Gints Gabrans, Marko Peljhan, Cecile Babiole, Voldemars Johansons, Erich Berger, Martins Ratniks, Hayley Newman, Annemie Maes, YoHa, Martin Howse, Franz Xaver, and many more.

Eleanor Moreton at Ceri Hands, London


Eleanor Moreton

Tales of Love and Darkness

Ceri Hands Gallery

14 March 2014  – 12 April 2014


If one of Bluebeard’s eight wives had trusted the old murderer and left the bloody chamber well alone, would the couple have lived into comfortable old age? If Psyche had not doubted the love of Cupid, shining light on him as he slept, would the potential of their love have remained unrealised? Both stories address the issues of love, trust and darkness with very different consequences.

The narrator of the ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ tells her stories at night in order to delay her execution. The story of Scheherazade, so similar to that of Bluebeard, exemplifies the power of narrative (and all art) to suspend time, and ultimately defy death.

In her third solo show at the gallery, Eleanor Moreton has departed from her practice of working from a single image and has made a series of composite paintings, taking elements from 19th century British narrative paintings and representing them within an alternative narrative space.

In ‘Mary-Anne Waiting’, (2013), Millais’ solitary heroine has completely lost her propriety and is undergoing a personal sexual revolution. A young medieval-style page, transported from a Pre-Raphaelite painting, presents a dish of excrement in ‘The Gift of Shit'(2013). The painting puts a cheerful, self-help spin on the moralising of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Moreton will also exhibit painted drawings on wood, portraits of women she admires, many of them story-tellers, who have also come out of the dark. Grouped together under the title ‘Absent Friends’, they include the English writers Rebecca West and Elizabeth Jane Howard (who died at the beginning of this year), the American crime writer Patricia Highsmith, and American singer/songwriters Karen Dalton and Aretha Franklin. They form a positive modern counterpoint to the voiceless victims in Bluebeard’s Castle.


Tania De Rozario with Loo Zihan, the Substation, Singapore



A joint exhibiiton by Tania De Rozario and Loo Zihan

Substation Gallery, Singapore

Opening : March 6 2014 at 7.30

Exhibition: March 7 – March 16.

Names, Texts & Trouble is a work-in-progress exhibition featuring projects by Loo Zihan and Tania De Rozario, executed as part of The Substation’s Associate Artist Research Programme.

De Rozario’s project, “Making Trouble”, aims to articulate and document ongoing relationships between visual art and activist intent in post-2000 Singapore.

Loo’s project, “Education & Emancipation”, is the second phase of a two-year research that delves into the periphery events surrounding the Artists’ General Assembly, a week long multi-disciplinary arts event that took place at 5th Passage Contemporary Art Space, Parkway Parade in 1993.

The Substation’s Associate Artist Research Programme (AARP) is a two-year residency programme that aims to support and promote critical research, development and discourse in contemporary art and interdisciplinary practice in Singapore. Throughout the two-year residency, each artist will present performance-lectures, workshops, exhibitions and performances during different stages of their project.

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Daniel Kok at Tanzhaus Zurich, Saturday March 8



Daniel Kok

Cheerleader of Europe

Europeans have become impatient and skeptical about the European Project. With no decisive economic recovery in sight – but widespread unemployment, austerity measures and increased immigration fears – the spectre of crisis has cast a long shadow across the continent.
But one artist, resolute in his beliefs in the constitution of Europe, wishes to marshal the community towards a sense of unity. Who better to play the Cheerleader of Europe than the neutral Asian? Hailing from the economic miracle city-state of Singapore, he is Left and Right, East and West, In and Out and shake it all about. The performance promises a utopic finale, complete with confetti. Everyone must be happy in the end.

Choreography/Performance: Daniel Kok | Dramaturge: Jorge Gonçalves | Text: Daniel Kok, Sergiu Matis | Producer: Fukuen Tang | Supported by: APASS, Nadine, Workspace Brussels, PACT Zollverein Essen | Special Thanks to:
Peter Stamer, Pierre Rubio, Jan Bolomey