not present, but net-present

Welcome to this, the new blog site for the project ‘Ghost on the Wire’, featuring artists from the United Kingdom, Singapore and beyond. We have invited film-makers, painters, installation and sound artists, photographers, writers and choreographers and others to respond to our theme, which is communication: how we use, adapt and subvert technologies to communicate across time and space, and perhaps how we are in turn shaped by our use of these innovations.

This blog is a the forum for the exhibition at the Bermondsey Project Space, London in June 2014. It is the site where participating artists from the different countries and disciplines involved in the project will be able to explain and share ideas and in some cases initiate collaborative or joint projects within the show. We invite material from all interested voices to be submitted to us for publication – images, text, work-in-progress, call-outs, found material or random musings – and we will also be publishing interviews, images and updates.  This blog belongs to all the  participating artists in ‘Ghost on the Wire’.

Gavin Maughfling and Suzanne de Emmony, London and Singapore, August 9 2013


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